Get in the Best Shape of Your Life. Period.

Forget everything you hate about working out.

Bored and unmotivated? That won’t happen here. You will be challenged and motivated every day.

The sport of CrossFit combines variety, intensity and functional movements into effective training that will get you in the best shape of your life.

Warm-up & Mobility: 15 Minutes

Strength: Snatch – 2 sets of 3 reps at 70%, 2 sets of 3 reps at 75%, one set of 2 reps at 80%, one set of 2 reps at 85%, one set of 1 rep at 90%

Conditioning: “Tangerine”
AMRAP 12 min of –

  • 9 TTB
  • 6 Burpees onto 45lb plate
  • 3 Wall Walks

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Def Jeff

Sometimes in life you just have to do a Bro a Solid! I asked long time member Jeff if I gave him a phresh new “Lone Star” CFJC shirt could we retire this garment he is so proudly displaying. He agreed and said garment met it’s final resting place in the trash.  You’re Welcome!
Disclaimer: HD filter was added to bring the true awesomeness of this shirt to light!


Warm-up & Mobility: 15 Minutes

Strength: Bench Press / Push Press – work up to a heavy set of 2

Conditioning: “Stripes”

  • Max Sit-ups in 2 min
  • Max Push-ups in 1 min
  • Max squats in 2 min

Rest 3 mins

  • Long (800m) Weighted carry (50/35lb) OR longer (1 mile) unloaded run (your choice)

Rest 3 mins

  • Max squats in 2 min
  • Max Push-ups in 1 min
  • Max Sit-ups in 2 mins

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Big congrats to our fearless leader yesterday for her 2nd consecutive  IPF World Championship. She squatted 391#, benched 220# and deadlifted 375# for gold at a body weight of 138#. Everything is actually scored in Kilos so I’ll just go ahead and save you some time. “Math is hard!”
These numbers are not meet PRs for Lara but this is a USA World Team event and you are lifting for team points! I always joke that no one misses squat day when she is coaching.


Warm-up & Mobility: 15 Minutes

Skill : Strict Ring dips / Ring dips with explosive hips / MUs

Conditioning: “Broken Window”

AMRAP 15 min of –

  • 20 DUs
  • 10 OH Lunge steps
  • 2 MUs or 3-7 Ring dips (rep/progression scaled to athlete)

lara worlds123

Tomorrow at 11:30 est our fearless leader will be going for her second IPF World title! Below is a link to the live stream where you can watch her lift big for the Gold.
Live Stream


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